HARTBEESPOORT BOOKINGS (PTY)Ltd is an extension of our Sister Company with 22 years of experience in Corporate entertainment and Training. We believe in growing potential in order to enlarge the competency-base of companies and in so doing, the country at large. We focus on conceptual development, boost willingness and expand awareness.


Our courses are mixtures of hard core & old school (conceptual) philosophy. We have an appetite for wise truths and our ONLY agenda is to GROW PEOPLE in order for them to broaden their positive influence in their teams.

1. We are morals – focused in our content and approach
2. All and every voice need to be heard !
3. Earning respect, building trust and humble care are important traits for success !

Terms & Conditions:

1. Only pay us for services once you have received a Company invoice and Nedbank account referred to as “Tahuti Trading”. No payments into Capitec or private accounts. Be on the look-out for scams. All our communication will be via mail and specifically from an IP-address called info@hartbeespoortbookings.co.za /una@hartbeespoortbookings.co.za or bertus@hartbeespoortbookings.co.za
2. No programme / booking or event is considered CONFIRMED if not paid in FULL. All bookings  are TENTATIVE until paid for in full. Only then consider your booking as confirmed and final. First come, first serve.
3. Cancellations will not be re-imbursed. You can however postpone a course / event. It has to be attended within 1 month after cancellation. An additional 20% will be added to the original fee, should any event be postponed.
4. In all cases, unless prior arrangement is made IN WRITING and accepted by BOTH parties ; Visits are regarded as completed within 30 minutes after formalities are done and delegates are then expected to move off site – especially the private venue in Kosmos. If you have paid an ENTRY FEE, you are allowed to use the premises during the normal public hours as per the different venues.
5. All accommodation & catering packages offered on this website, are regarded as peaceful, quiet and calm settings. No parties, loud noise and functions are allowed on ANY of the sites. Security will be called upon should these rules and policies be violated. No unforeseen visitors are allowed. If any, such visits can happen off-site, at some of the local clubs or public areas.
6. All damages will be invoiced to the person / entity using / having booked the facility.