Budget weddings and Church outings

Our Company understand the need among young (and older) people for cost-saving events, such as weddings and spiritual focused camps. The PRIVATE settings and venues we are in partnership with, only cater for Christian weddings and church camps. These are NOT suitable for any other beliefs, as their décor, settings and spiritual purpose is Christian based. We have assisted couples from other beliefs, but they had to select their OWN venue.

At our selected venues, we are able to offer BUDGET wedding planning, in terms of venue hire / table setting and décor / food ideas and limited accommodation.

Our venues are all rustic, bushveld vibes, but neat, clean and very popular ! Our décor is basic and will be discussed in great detail, should you be interested in such option. BUDGET doesn’t mean “down graded”… it simply means cheaper, due to less demands & fanciness from the venue side.

Venue type Where Can seat…people Accommodation on site Catering options We provide
Kosmos Harties 60 people Variety of guest houses Own or through us

Tables, chairs, utensils, labour, chapel

Farm Skeerpoort 60 people 6 people sharing Own or through us

Tables, chairs, utensils, labour

Farm Beestekraal 120 people 120 people in chalets Venue caters

Tables, chairs, utensils, labour, chapel, food

Countryside Pelindaba 150 people Nearby guest houses Own or through us

Hall, tables, chairs, utensils, labour, food




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