Tours to Indonesia – Bali & Java (island hopping)

The Founder member of Hartbeespoort Bookings, have done 38 tours to the Indonesian Island of Bali & Java. Visits to Bali have become exceptionally popular with regards to “LADIES ONLY BALI-TOURS”. These tours comprise of excellent hotels & Lodge accommodation, purchasing furniture and importing it via the hosts import license and permits. This is by far the biggest selling point for any lady . . . to be able to shop at South East Asian prices and import at very little cost ! There are 4 tours planned per year. Two tours in the first half and 2 tours in the second half of the year. Book your seat NOW not to miss out on these very UNIQUE experiences. Many of the ladies have gone on second and even third tours !

The Java Island tour, comprise of island hopping, and exploring many fascinating facets of the country! We know the Island well. We have vested interests in Indonesia and we regard our stays there as VERY safe. The Island experience speaks for itself : It’s romantic, unique, friendly, and charming…it borders on third world.

Lots of adventure trails, sight-seeing tours, mountain and water-events! The beaches are great, the food irresistible and the culture simply exotic!

But why is the shopping experience our focus point?

1. We have our own warehouse in Indonesia.
2. We have our own agent/process in Indonesia.
3. We have entry into the furniture production market.
4. We understand the packaging and container procedures well. We have done this extensively for the past 15 years.
5. You will save about 30% on local (SA) specials regarding original wood carved furniture, pots, decor.
6. We have a proven track of first hand South African references.
7. We manage your transport, purchase prices, packaging, warehousing, container, bill of lading, shipping, container inspections in Durban, transport to Pretoria area and SARS related aspects.

Game Parks – South Africa (Kruger National Park / Pilanesberg)

Kruger National Park:

Min 1 evening – Max 3 evenings. Sharing Bungalow booking.
Max 2 pax per luxury vehicle (Amarok d/c 4×4). Adventurous.

Includes snacks in vehicle / breakfast & dinner braai p/person / entry fees / accommodation in Park / travel from Pta/Jhb to Kruger and back to Pta/Jhb / toll fees / fuel expenses / insurance.

Not incl : formal lunches / additional drinks / additional activities in park.

Ideal Package : 2 pax. 2 – night / 3 days


R 17 800 all inclusive for 2 people p/trip

3-bed thatched bungalow with full amenities – availability depending (at camps).

Camera & binoculars use in vehicle.

All fuel from when we leave Pta/Jhb till we arrive back in Pta / Jhb. 4 meals. 2 X Lunch packs. Limited snacks inside vehicle. Accommodation for 2 nights INSIDE the Park at an official listed KNP camp. Full days travel in the Park. Limited drinks. Cooler box / fridge and ice always available for own selection eats & drinks.

It will be an outing to remember !


One day trip & back.

No sleeping over

Max 3 pax : R 3350 p/trip all inclusive (entry/snacks/lunch/vehicle from Hartbeespoort – Pilanes – Hartbeespoort. Full day outing)

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